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AMCAT (Aspiring Minds CAT) Overview

Aptitude and Skill Assessment: Computer Adaptive Testing
Aspiring Minds is the first to introduce Computer Adaptive Testing for employability in India.
  • Scientifically constructed module provide are of high value for recruitment, promotion and diagnosis purposes
  • Modules range from Aptitude, Skill/Knowledge and Personality Testing
  • The Assessment engine works on large statistically rated question bank
  • Proprietary algorithms for leak-control, automatic guess correction and correction for prior question knowledge maintain integrity
  • All candidates see a different question set
  • The modules have high test validity correlated with on-job performance and high interview-convert rates
Aspiring Minds has a bouquet of assessment products relevant to variety of roles in an organization. A subset of modules may be chosen depending on the candidate/employee profile being accessed.
Some of our Computer Adaptive Modules include…

English and Comprehension
AMCAT English uses a variety of internationally standardized resources for framing questions aimed at determining the candidate’s ability to understand written text and communicate effectively through written documents.

Logical Ability
AMCAT Logical Ability assesses capacity of an individual to interpret things objectively, to be able to interpret trends to make generalizations and be able to analyze assumptions behind an argument/statement. These abilities are critical for success of a candidate in the industry.

Quantitative Skills (Non-Technical)
AMCAT Quantitative Ability (Non-Tech) whether the candidate can quantitatively understand and infer real world situations. It assesses familiarity with basic numbers, algebra and application of these concepts to real-world situations like profit-loss, interest-returns, speed-time, etc.

Quantitative Skills (Technical)
AMCAT Quantitative Ability (Tech) is for analytic and engineering related jobs. It tests advanced concepts such as probability, permutation-combination a logarithm along with basic numerical skills.

Financial Services
AMCAT Financial Services assesses the candidates understanding of the financial markets and products. It tests basics of equity, mutual funds, bonds, debt products including loans and credit cards, accounting and basic economics concepts.

Computer Programming Principles and Algorithms
AMCAT CPPA evaluates the suitability of the candidate in the software industry. It tests the knowledge and application of basic constructs of programming and advanced concepts of data structures, algorithm analysis and OOP. The test is language-independent.

Computer Literacy
AMCAT Computer Literacy assesses whether the candidate knows how to use the computer for day-to-day tasks such as word processing, making presentations, spreadsheets (excel), internet, email etc.

Electronics and Semiconductor
The Electronics and Semiconductor test assesses the suitability of the candidate for the SOC, Embedded Systems, VLSI design, etc. companies. It tests the candidate on his/her understanding of analog electronics, non-linear circuits and digital design.

Also having separate modules for Civil Engineering, Instrumentation.

AMCAT consists of the following Aptitude, Skill and Personality Modules.
i. Assessment Module
a. English Comprehension (25 minutes)
b. Logical Ability (35 minutes)
c. Quantitative Ability (35 minutes)

ii. Skill Module
a. Computer Literacy (10 minutes)
b. Computer Programming (35 minutes)
c. Semi-Conductors (35 minutes)
d. Mechanical (20 minutes)
e. Civil Engineering (25 minutes)
f. Finance (15 minutes)

iii. Personality Assessment (20 minutes)
iv. Profile Section: Resume filling (15 minutes)

Download from the following links both syllabi & sample quetions of Am-CAT Exam.

1)For syllabus

2)Sample quetions 1

3)Sample quetions 2


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