Monday, October 31, 2011

Amazon Mechanical Turk - Choose reliable Requesters

From many workers experiences i came to know that in Amazon Mechanical Turk there are several spam Requesters.These spam Requesters will reject your work or they will suspend. Be careful with these Requesters and earn money without any problem.

To know about any requester just install toolbar called Turkoption Toolbar developed by differenceengines. You can get this toolbar @ . They have provide this toolbar for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Using this toolbar you can get all the details about the requester.

How Turkopticon works:

Turkopticon adds functionality to Amazon Mechanical Turk as you browse for HITs and review status of work you've done. As you browse HITs, Turkopticon places a button next to each requester and highlights requesters for whom there are reviews from other workers. Bad reviews let you avoid shady employers and good reviews help you find fair ones. You can view reports made against requesters with a quick click.

As you review HITs you've completed, are there HITs you weren't fairly paid for? Turkopticon adds a button that lets you review requesters from your "Status Detail" page.

Install it and earn money in safer way!!


Hello Mr.Raghu, Firstly i'd say that this post is really informative. I actually had some queries regarding this. I would be thankful to you if you could answer them as i have recently started working here:
1.On opening the "Your account" tab, i found that i've earned say, X dollars, but when i viewed my current balance in my account, it shows much lesser amount. What could be the reason? And, is it possible that my work although being accepted, I am still not paid for it?(Since, it shows a pending status for payment)
2.You have suggested about qualifications in your blog. Could you please explain it in detail..coz i see the message "Cannot request this qualification" on opening the "Qualification" tab.
3.In the FAQ's, could you explain what actually this means-"If you are a new Worker, there is an initial holding period before your money is transferred to your Amazon Payments account. This holding period is an important security requirement and you will not be able to disburse funds during this time. Your money is held until you have been active on Mechanical Turk for 10 days."?
Thanks in advance!

@ Anonymous :
1) After approving a HIT, it'll take some time (3-4hrs) to transfer that amount into your account. So there is less amount in the "my current balance". And once if a HIT was accepted means you will get money. There is no second thought of rejecting.
2) Most of the requesters in the Mturk are placing qualifications in the form of number of hits approved or approval rate or by means of your location. And some or placing qualification in the form a Test. So, your profile has to satisfy the conditions to request that qualification.
3) That means, "my current balance" will be updated after 10 active days only. This condition will be applied for first 10 days only. After that there is no chance to held your money. No need to worry for this condition.

Hope i've clarified all your doubts. :)

Thanks a lot!
So, does "10 active days" mean that i have to complete atleast 1 task per day, or just login? And what if i did a task for the 1st time and then opened my account after a month or so?

@Anonymous :
You are welcome!!

Ya active day means you have to submit at least some HITs. Try to submit at least 10 hits. I think there is no problem if you login to your account after a month or so.

Happy turking!!

Ohk..thanks for sharing :)
You are doing a great job!!

@Anonymous :

You are always welcome to ask doubts regrading MTurk and thank you :)

And another doubt that i got is that the processing fee i.e.; $4 would be deducted every time i withdraw money from my account or, just once?

@Anonymous :

they'll deduct $4 every time...

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